Calling Volunteer Surveyors for the Hammond Central Historic Structures Survey

Call to professional or student preservationists, architectural historians or architects wanting to learn how to survey.

The Hammond Central Historic Structures Survey
Documenting approximately 1,400 structures in Hammond, Louisiana - to be added to the Louisiana Historic Structures Inventory.

There are many facets to documenting architecture for a survey such as this.  You may refer to the Louisiana Historic Resources Inventory form for a complete view of recorded factors, but in essence we survey to record what your structure looks like.  The surveyor documents window types, architectural style, approximate age, location, building function, etc.

We are looking to develop the data garnered through this survey into multiple "heat maps" representing the ages and types of structures.  This portion of a larger project is purely to document the look of Hammond at this moment in time for posterity.  The historic district will then use that data to determine the path moving forward for historic preservation.  First, including more properties in the National Register Historic District will allow those property owners to take advantage of tax credits or grants without any restrictions or requirements for their property should they chose not to take advantage of those funding programs." - More info:

Volunteer as a surveyor for the Hammond Central Historic Structures Survey and learn how surveys are conducted on-site with lead surveyor, Kelly L. Calhoun, MPS: write brief architectural descriptions, photograph buildings, get walking around historic Hammond, LA and work closely with the Hammond Historic District Commission.

If you're interested, please send an email with your contact info to

To speak directly with the Hammond Historic District , please email Leah B. Solomon, MPS, Administrative Director, at

Survey dates are normally Thursdays-Saturdays from 8am-4pm in Hammond, LA.