Calhoun Preservation is a historic preservation firm specializing in historic tax credits, historic structures surveys, and historic structure research reports along the Gulf Coast.  Services include Federal and State Historic Tax Credit applications, National Register of Historic Places & National Historic Landmark  nominations, property tax appeals, property research, building documentation, historic research, property information packets, grant writing and individual/group building surveys.


Kelly L. Calhoun, MPS, LREC is licensed to practice real estate in Louisiana with Talbot Historic Properties. She works closely with one particular real estate agent who has specializations in plantations, antiquities and the decorative arts. See all these combined listings!


The CalPres values in preservation are strongly tied to community involvement. This company has its own brand of community involvemnt, through the lense of being a local preservation influencer. The term describes an individual who proudly and excitedly promotes activies and participates in those activies related to their interestes and passions. Through this lense, a local influencer is a preservation town-crier.


The consultants associated with Calhoun Preservation represent professionals from various backgrounds, and that gives this company a diverse and open-minded personality. Professionally, our experiences and interests have made us influential characters within our networks - and it is our hope that sharing our activies in our communities offer our current and potential clients a better perspective of who we are as a company.


We proudly offer our resources list of professionals we have worked with on projects or come highly-recommended by our colleagues. Please do your research, we do not guarantee any services.


If you are ready to talk about a project on the private or public level, contact Kelly L. Calhoun, MPS by phone, email or text.